PalConn, PalPilot’s Interconnect Product division manufactures standard connectors, custom connectors, cable and wire harness products. Our fully integrated in-house design, tooling and manufacturing utilizes state-of-the-art, fully automated processes providing world class quality, superior price performance and a flexibility unique to the interconnect market.

All products are manufactured to be fully compliant with worldwide efforts for the elimination of hazardous materials that meet ROHS requirements and are fully tested and recognized by UL and CSA. Our facilities are ISO-9001 certified, ISO/TS16949 registered. We take pride in delivering superior customer service. Our products are supported in North America, Europe and Asia by our knowledgeable and experienced sales, customer service and technical support staff.

Browse the product catalogs and product briefs for detailed information, technical specifications and cross references to the other connector types.

Our team recognizes the importance of supply and demand; each task is carefully executed. The significance of our component supply chain demonstrates our ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the electronics industry. Learn more about our Component Supply Chain service.

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