PalNova Magnetic Components

PalNova designs and manufactures custom magnetics as well as standard products including: a wide range of IEEE 802.3 compliant LAN products and Discrete Ethernet Transformers, a complete line of integrated RJ45 Connectors, a broad line of isolated DC/DC PoE, PoE+ and PoE++ Transformers, isolated Transformers for Flyback, H-Bridge and Push/Pull circuits, RF magnetics, Common Mode Chokes, Gate Drive , Current Sense and Pulse Transformers, Composite Forming Inductors, shielded and unshielded SMD drum core Inductors, miniature Ferrite Inductors and more.

World Class Engineering and Manufacturing

All PalNova products are designed and manufactured to meet industry standard performance specifications and are RoHS compliant. Safety critical compoments are designed to meet applicable UL standards which employ the use of materials listed under PalNova’s UL Insulation System. For standard product details please refer to online data sheets.

Our team recognizes the importance of supply and demand; each task is carefully executed. The significance of our component supply chain demonstrates our ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the electronics industry. Learn more about our Component Supply Chain service.

Planar Magnetics – Low profile and high power density, suitable for many power conversion topologies at high operating frequency and power (300KHz ~ 4MHz) (20W ~ 5KW). Custom Planar Transformers and Inductors Designs are Now Available please contact us or submit inquiry form.

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