Nextron connectors are ideal for medical equipment. Features including quick mating/unmating, keying, color-coding, chemical resist, vibration resist, enduring high-temp. and pressure. From patient monitoring device to disposable surgical ablation catheters, Nextron circular connectors offers medical grade push-pull self latching connector in plastic, metal and even waterproof IP 68 connector features. Furthermore our customization service can offer you with proper features cater to your medical connector needs.

For general NIBP, SPO2, ECG patient monitoring, general low-voltage and fluific type connectors. Push-pull circular, finger proof, autoclavable medical connector features.

Catheter for A-fib ablation, mapping, and other physiological applications. Autoclavable and disposable.

Dental Minimally invasive surgery, need quick mating and unmating feature. Dental footswitch, robust, push-pull circular connector.

Respiratory humidifier needs electronic connector to heat the airpipe, and the temperature sensor to it. Due to reusable nature of the airpipe, the connector can be reusable plastic circular connector or metal circular connector with higher mating cycles. The connector also needs to be able to endure sterilization process.

Minimally invasive surgery for vaginal fiber rebuild. Utilizing laser to simulate the inner tissue of vaginal, requires electroic connector to connect the probe to the system. Our circular push-pull connector is a good medical connector choise of this medical application.

Medical endoscope requires more advanced video signal, also may require channel to deliver liquid. Nextron provides push-pull circular connector with electrical signal and types for liquid channel.

Electrotherapy machine for athelete rehab. Using Nextron robust metal circular connector to deliver power to the electrode cable.