PalPilot Push Pull Circular Connectors come in plastic and metal series. Our plastic series is a compact, lightweight connector that device engineers rely on. Available in reusable and disposable options, our plastic series deliver reliable connector solutions. Our metal series provide high-quality dependability and durability, offering watertight, 360 degree shielding, push-pull locking, friction fit, small profile, and complete turn key solutions. Together, PalPilot offers a wide variety of medical connectors tailored for any medical application need.

Our dedicated engineers are experts in manufacturing custom designs. Watertight Application, Touch Proof, High Mating Cycles, and Rugged Environments are some of the strong capabilities and requirements that we can meet.

We are your One-Stop Solutions Provider, where quality meets excellence.

Our team recognizes the importance of supply and demand; each task is carefully executed. The significance of our component supply chain demonstrates our ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the electronics industry. Learn more about our Component Supply Chain service.


Plastic 1P Series

Plastic 1P Fluidic

Plastic 2P Series

Micro Series