PalPilot FootPrintKu – Automated Cloud Library Service Goes Global!

FootPrintKu, a subsidiary of PalPilot, has officially launched the first Automated Cloud Library Service, available globally!

Simply upload a batch of PDF spec sheets and download your custom Schematic Symbols, PCB Footprints, and 3D Models the next day. Have easy access and preview all your components on a browser.

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PalPilot is Committed to Clean Energy!

PalPilot applauds #goinggreen and is happy to be a part of major companies that are committed to making the world a better place. Taking initiative, our Milpitas office opted to leverage solar energy by installing a 450.4kW solar rooftop/carport/charging station that has offset more than 50% of our electrical needs.

Our goal is to become a leading green supply and demand solution provider and show that the now is green technology, sustainability, and renewable energy.

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Elon Musk Sent a PCB off to a Date with Mars!

Two months have passed since Elon Musk sent the Tesla Roadster off into the sky. Accompanying the infamous red Roadster is a PCB, caught on film just before it ascended into space. Musk snapped a clever glimpse of the green board, “Made on Earth by humans”. Maybe next time a vehicle is sent off into space, it will say, “Made on Earth by PalPilot”! What do you think, @elonmusk?

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Solving Heat Dissipation Issues Without Compromising Speed

PalPilot is taking on the heat! Offering customized Thermal Engineering Solutions for High Speed I/O Cages.

PalPilot has domestic experienced engineers, and a strong manufacturing team in Asia to provide:

  • Concept Design
  • DFM Review, Thermal Simulation, Thermal Analysis
  • Prototype Building and Mass Production Planning
  • Competitive Pricing

We know thermal, and we know our cages. Learn more about PalPilot’s Interconnect Capabilities at or reach us at

PalPilot HDI Technology

PalPilot is proud to be a solution provider in PCB Manufacturing.

An essential aspect of HDI PCBs is microvias. Why?

  • Essential for pinout escape of microBGA devices (≤0.50mm)
  • Can be via-in-pad (POFV)
  • Clean ground loops for RF and capacitor pads
  • Thermal dissipation (Cu-filled microvias)


  • Extra plating on board surface if resin-filled
  • Aspect ratio ≤1:1 (best manufacturability when ≤0.85:1)

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PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS – Engineering and Manufacturing / Design and Fabrication

PalPilot is proud to provide solutions in both PCB design and PCB fabrication. PalPilot’s PCB designers will collaborate with your team throughout the entire process to quickly and efficiently deliver quality designs; from full design packages to customer-specific design options. PalPilot’s PCB Manufacturing Division offers solutions to meet your needs no matter the mix or volume. Our experienced sales and engineering team will support you through all stages of production.

  • All major tools supported – Cadence Allegro; Mentor PADs and Expedition
  • PCB Layout & Library Management – Veteran design team; 100% manual routing; 24/7 coverage
  • Engineering support – DFM, DFA, DFX; SI/PI Modeling
  • High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) Production for low and high-tech PCB’s
  • High Layer count (up to 40+ layers), HDI, Flex & Rigid Flex, IC Substrate
  • ISO 9001 and Medical ISO-13485 certified

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PalPilot, providing High Speed Connector & Cage Products (QSFP28, SFP28, MiniSAS…), as well as engineering services to meet all aspects of customer demands. PalPilot offers both standard and customized value-added solutions, including heat dissipation designs to resolve various thermal problems. Our expert team capabilities consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
  • Experts in Mechanical Design for various solutions
  • Flexible Tooling Modifications
  • Precision Simulation Software & Test Equipment
  • Follow SFF Specification

PalPilot services all industries, including Storage, Security & Firewall, Telecom, and Cloud Computing.

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