Field Application Engineer, Flex and Rigid Flex

Milpitas, CA USA
Posted 2 years ago
Duties and Responsibilities but not limited to:
  • Determine if customer requires panelized array and convey array requirement to fabrication factory(s)
  • Confirm current revision documentation package is sent to applicable fabrication factory
  • Coordinate fabrication factory pre-production engineering/CAM process
  • Coordinate all communication specific to technical issues working closely with Sales and Inside Sales accordingly
  • Coordinate all project specific requirements relevant to fabrication factory(s) (i.e. x-outs, packaging, labeling, quality and/or PPAP documentation, C-of-C’s, etc.)
  • Review EQ’s from fabrication factory, convey EQ’s as necessary to customer for resolution, and track all EQ’s to final resolution
  • Establish and maintain an appropriate method to track and manage open EQ’s until resolved and job is released to production
  • Release order to production upon final resolution of EQ’s
  • Communicate final resolution of EQ’s and production release to factories, sales, and Inside Sales
  • Maintain adequate records of all EQ’s and project related communication
  • Create duplicate copies of all project documentation and records for inclusion in project folder
  • Archive fabrication data, drawing(s) and other related documents for inclusion in project folder
  • Review received documentation packages for accuracy and completeness
  • Extract basic design rules
  • Assure specialized design rules/requirements are highlighted and conveyed to fabrication factory(s)
Special Requirements:
  • Coordinate specialized technical requirements between PalPilot, customer(s), and fabrication factory(s) as needed
  • Coordinate, track, and convey all deliverables to customer as required (i.e. approval of panel arrays, check-plots, etc.)
  • Assist in DFM efforts between PalPilot, customer, and fabrication factory
  • Create and deliver technical presentation(s) and workshops
Skills and Knowledge:
  • Knowledge of entire Flex & Rigid Flex manufacturing including process flows, individual processing steps, and tooling
  • Establish technical contacts between customer and PalPilot to drive improved lines of technical communications and increased depth of relationships
  • Strong Communication skills and ability to work with customers and internal design engineer
  • Ability to make decisions influencing quality and quantity of Flex & Rigid Flex designs
  • Self-motivated and willing to work with minimum supervision
Education and Experience:
  • Bachelor of Science degree or a two-year technical degree in field relevant to position
  • Strong background of 5 to 10 years’ experience in the Flex & Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturing Industry
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, etc.
  • Minimal traveling is required

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