Part Number Description Number of Contact
PAL-649A(D1) M12 Solder Cable End Type 04, 05
PAL-649A(D2) M12 Solder Panel Mount(M12 Through) Type 04, 05, 08
PAL-649A(D3) M12 Solder Panel Mount(M16 Thread) Type 04, 05, 08
PAL-649A(D4) M12 Solder Panel Mount(PG9 Thread) Type 04, 05, 08
PAL-649AE04(E2) M8 A-Code 4Pin Female Panel Mount Connector 4
PAL-649AE05(E2) M8 B-Code 5Pin Female Panel Mount Connector 5
PAL-649AE08M(D1) M12 X-Code 8Pin Male Connector For Cable End 8
PAL-649EE08(D2) M12 X-Code Female PCB Mount Connector 8
PAL-649I(01) M12 IDC Cable End Type 04, 05
CW M12 Cable
CW0508 M12 X-Code Male(Straight) To M12 X-Code Male(Straight) 8
CW0608EAD M12 X-Code Male(Straight) To RJ45 Male(Straight)