New Line of Waterproof M8/M12 Series from PalPilot is the Premiere Connector for Today’s Industrial Automation Systems

PalPilot, a global leader in interconnect products, today launched a new series of high-performance, durable, waterproof M8/M12 Connectors best suited for the industrial environment.

The multi-coding system and the ruggedness of the M8/M12 series, with IP67 rating, make this the ideal connector choice for industrial applications such as Machine Controller, I/O for Sensor and Motor, Automation Equipment, and more.

Some key features of PalPilot’s M8/M12 Series include, but are not limited to:

  • Support multiple contact based on signal, data or power (A code, D code and X code)
  • Shielded, Unshielded
  • Straight, Right Angle and Panel Mount
  • Metal, Plastic, or Stainless Steel Shells
  • IP67, IP68 Ratings
  • Value added cable assembly and wire harness

PalPilot’s expert engineers provide custom cable assembly solutions that best fit the industrial environment. This connector series can be paired with a variety of cable jackets; including silicon, PVC, TPE, and additional custom jackets – with Halogen-free options.

There are several advantages in choosing an M8/M12 Connector, including faster and less expensive machine testing, reduced labor and maintenance fees, and long-term reliability with PalPilot’s engineering and technical support.

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About PalPilot Interconnect Division: PalPilot International Corporation, a global company with manufacturing in Asia and business offices in the US and EU. With 20+ years of experience, PalPilot has proved itself to be a valuable asset in the core industries of PCB Engineering, Manufacturing, Mechanical Services, and Components. “Pal” embodies the value of a strong customer and partner relationship and recognition; “Pilot” demonstrates our forward drive as a supply and demand solution leader.

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