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We are, the bridge for all your needs.

PalPilot has over 25 years of experience in the PCB industry. Our core values are centered around customer service, engineering, manufacturing, and product solutions. In the beginning, we gained a stellar reputation through PCB Design services and our customers pushed us to help them find solutions for PCB Fabrication, Components, Interconnect, Cables, Packaging Systems, and Mechanical parts in plastic or metal. Our expansion into these areas has allowed us to provide our customers with a wide range of engineering and manufacturing capabilities.



Our success has come from the dedication and hard work of our employees. Our team works closely with our customers so that we are achieving the customers goals. It takes a lot of global support to make us all successful. We understand the importance of communication and will work with your team to ensure the project’s success.


With global sales representation and strong business relations in Asia, PalPilot is the powerhouse for high quality manufacturing. We have an extensive and valuable network of partners that allow us to focus on the core needs our customers in technology, lead-times, logistics, quality, and pricing. We work to achieve the goals of engineers and supply chain to bridge the gap between technology and cost to create long term solutions. 


Thinking globally. Acting locally.

With a global mindset and organization yet local teams performing and supporting your products lifecycle on a daily basis, we support highly complex and technologically advanced projects.

Our footprint and extensive expertise allows a large array of innovative manufacturing and supply-chain solutions. With standardized processes and culture, our solutions are scalable, offering proximity and scalability whenever needed.

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