Our fully integrated in-house design, tooling, and manufacturing utilizes state-of-the-art, fully automated processes providing world-class quality, superior price performance and a flexibility unique to the interconnect market.

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Palpilot manufactures a wide range of interconnect

Our “Circular” connectors series meets a wide range of industries that range from Medical, Military (aerospace), First Responders, Law Enforcement, E-Mobile, Renewed Energy, Industrial and Custom.  

The Circular Connectors are versatile, work in dynamic environments and encompasses various sizes, styles,  pin counts, water protection ratings (IP50-IP68), and multiple locking systems.  

Our circular interconnect offers “Push-Pull”, Bayonet, Threaded locking systems in both Metal and Plastic shell versions.  

Some of our highlighted features include our Stamped” and Turned contacts for disposable (single use and Multiple use) applications, touchproof housings and housings that meet NO Ozone, Low Smoke and Low Halogen applications. 

Our vertically integrated manufacturing systems allows us to take full advantage of offering custom solutions applications, which includes the M8-M12 series, Industrial Heavy-Duty series and Medical instrumentation Push Pull series.

Offering engineering & manufacturing solutions for all kinds of connectors.


 All kinds of USB connectors, HDMI, RF, FPC, BTB, Pin Header, Pogo Pin, custom made connectors, and more. 


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Audio Jack Connector
Pogo Pin Connector
RJ45 Connectors 
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Interconnect Products 

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