Full Selection of PalPilot Magnetic Components

High-Frequency Switching Power Transformers 

Flyback Transformers

Coupling Transformers

RF Transformers

Low-Frequency Laminated Transformers

High-Frequency Planar Transformers

SMD Shielded Drum Core Inductors

SMD Unshielded Drum Core Inductors

Through-hole Unshielded Drum Core Inductors

SMT Power Inductor, Magnetic Shielding

Composite Forming SMD Inductors

Toroidal Filter Inductors

Common Mode Chokes

Custom Inductor Design

Wireless Charging Transmitting Coils 

Wireless Charging Receiving Coils

Integrated RJ45 Connectors

LAN Modules


First Responders
Law Enforcement
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“Pal” embodies the value of strong customer and partner relationship and recognition; “Pilot” demonstrates our forward drive as a supply and demand solution leader.

Northern California Office 

(408) 855-8866

500 Yosemite Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035

Southern California Office 

(714) 460-0718

15991 Red Hill Ave. Suite 102 Tustin CA 92780

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