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Magnetic Products

PalPilot provides complete manufacturing and design solutions for high frequency and low frequency magnetic component applications.

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PalPilot’s Magnetics Division provides innovative magnetic designs and manufacturing solutions with the ability to quickly ramp to high volume and high-quality production. We have quickly become a world-class trusted partner in the Power Magnetics Industry. Our mission is to assist you ‘Our Customer’ to develop your products by providing advanced technical solutions.


PalPilot specializes in custom magnetics as well as a standard product including High-Frequency Switching Transformers, Isolation Transformers, Gate Drive Transformers, Current Sense Transformers, Pulse Transformers, Laminated Transformers,  Inductors, Chokes, and Coils


All PalPilot products are designed and manufactured to meet industry standard performance specifications and are RoHS compliant. Safety-critical components are designed to meet applicable UL standards that employ the use of materials listed as a UL Insulation System. For standard product details please refer to online datasheets. 


Certified with IATF 16949, ISO 9001, IS0-14000, UL, BABT and RoHS compliant, continuous investments in new technologies and advanced equipment to ensure that we can always stay one step ahead of our competitors and provide you, our customer, with the most reliable quality and competitive pricing.

PalPilot offers a wide portfolio of magnetic products

& technologies for a variety of applications including power electronics, automotive, industrial & medical markets.


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Semiconductor Reference Designs
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Power Inductors - Catalog
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Integrated RJ45 Connectors 
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Switching Power Transformers 
LAN Modules
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LAN Magnetics - Catalog
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White Paper

Full Selection of PalPilot Magnetic Components

High-Frequency Switching Power Transformers 

Flyback Transformers

Coupling Transformers

RF Transformers

Low-Frequency Laminated Transformers

High-Frequency Planar Transformers

SMD Shielded Drum Core Inductors

SMD Unshielded Drum Core Inductors

Through-hole Unshielded Drum Core Inductors

SMT Power Inductor, Magnetic Shielding

Composite Forming SMD Inductors

Toroidal Filter Inductors

Common Mode Chokes

Custom Inductor Design

Wireless Charging Transmitting Coils 

Wireless Charging Receiving Coils

Integrated RJ45 Connectors

LAN Modules


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