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Footprintku® offers an innovative Electronic Design Automation (EDA) library service which will build footprints, schematic symbols, or 3D models according to your preferred Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) rules for a fully customizable library.

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Customizable EDA library services

We utilize automation tools and human-machine collaboration to ensure the highest accuracy and a quick turnaround time. Currently, Footprintku® has achieved an accuracy surpassing 99% in building components. This accuracy includes the strict adherence to your design-for-manufacturing (DFM) rules with rigorous checking processes in the final footprints, schematic symbols, and 3D models.

pic 1 - PCB Footprint.jpg

PCB Footprint

pic 2 - Schematic Symbol.jpg

Schematic Symbol

pic 3 - 3D.jpg

3D Model
.STEP file

Creation | Verification | DFM Rule Analysis & Definition| Mapping | Conversion | Comparison | Batch Update | Library Management


Upload and customize your part requests


Search and preview the parts in your library


Integrate global resources to find the ideal part

Need something more? Leave it to Footprintku!

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Customize Your Requests

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Requests Fulfilled With Half The Resources
Get the best value for your EDA Library data. Have Schematic Symbols, PCB Footprints, and 3D models available at your convenience.

Get Exactly What You Need
We understand your design is like no other. Footprintku’s experienced team provides customized EDA Library Data essential to meeting unique design for manufacturing (DFM) practices.

Quick And Reliable Turnaround
Your digital data is approved and verified by component suppliers and Footprintku through strict verification protocols to ensure accuracy and precision.

No More Missing Information
Receiving incomplete or incorrect component spec sheets is frustrating and time-consuming. Footprintku collaborates with component suppliers to provide pre-digitized component data.

Our Partners

Footprintku partners with top companies in the electronics industry to bring comprehensive services and tech support to our community.
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