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Medical and Instrumentation

The ever-advancing medical industry continues to hold PalPilot accountable to search and design new manufacturing methods and cost reductions to supply their customers.

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PALPILOT is a vital partner to the medical device industry.  Our interconnect solutions are used extensively in areas where integrity and reliability are essential to the well-being of a patient. Our products facilitate medical trends and cutting-edge technologies with re-usable and disposable components that require all forms of sterilization.

Just this year PalPilot completed their Class 8 Clean facility and upgrade from their Class 9 Clean Room.  Dedicated to preserving and saving lives through medical device manufacturing, Connectors, Raw Medical Grade Cable, Assemblies both Cleanroom assemblies in Class 8 or Class 9. 


PalPilot Connectors and Raw Cable meet several forms of sterilizations from Physical to Chemical and Physicochemical. Palpilot understands the global medical market so in doing so, we ensure our customers that all quality standards are met along with FDA approved, REECH approached and ROHS met materials are usedOur facilities provide ISO13485 compliance and deliver a full Medical Production Part Approval Process (MPPAP) when the product is ready for release.




Engineering & Design

Design with your vision and mission

PalPilot offers onsite service, resulting in clear communication between our experienced designers and your team to seamlessly meet your needs.


Superior Routing Service (SRS)

SRS is designed to collaborate with an OEM internal PCB Group to accelerate the design process from placement and routing through manufacturing with powerful features such as design partitioning and multiple shifts. SRS is production-proven to increase productivity and help engineers quickly ramp up to product release. 


Accelerated Design Service (ADS)

ADS is an accelerated PCB design model. PalPilot has been providing this level of service for more than 13-years; it has the most comprehensive process flow that enables engineering teams to meet their most time-critical projects. You can count on PalPilot to meet your demanding schedule and budget by combining senior level PCB design engineers with captive routing resources.


Design Experience

PalPilot focuses on delivering superior quality design – from low cost /high volume to high density and mission critical applications.

PCB Fabrication

More than just manufacturing

Business moves fast, that’s why we pride ourselves in offering quick turnaround (5-10 days from Asia), so you can meet aggressive deadlines. Common types of PCB production we offer include: High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) Production For Low and High technology PCB’s, Medium Volume Production 1-40 layer, High Volume Production 1-40 Layer, Flex and Rigid Flex, Prototype, small, medium, and high volume production.


Engineering Strengths

  • Bilingual engineering support in the US and Asia to bring the service point close to our customer

  • A comprehensive engineering process to ensure accurate front end tooling while reducing the impact on delivery

  • Experienced program managers in Asia to work with our factories to solve DFM hurdles

  • Experience with both Asian based and US based Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) suppliers helps to overcome material engineering problems

Production Management

More than just manufacturing

From design, engineering and prototyping services to mass production and end-to-end product lifecycle solutions, we, as a contract manufacturer, make your project a success. Mass production is a carefully prepared step of your product lifecycle. Once your design is safe and your product functional, mass production is envisioned.

Quality Mission

  • Quality Manager is based in the US and works with our customers and factories to address quality concerns

  • Quality engineers in Asia to work with our US based quality manager to insure corrective action implementation

  • Bilingual capability to aide our factories in responding to corrective action requests

  • RMA and corrective action response handled by our US offices. RMA response within 24 hours (in most cases)

  • All factories are certified to ISO9001:2000 and most are certified to IATF16949

  • Partnerships with third party laboratories to offer impartial root cause analysis

  • All of our factories supply ROHS compliant products


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