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PCB Quote Form

Please submit the below requested information and we will get back to you with a quote. Thank you.

**PalPilot is not ITAR registered. Please do not send ITAR related data for quotation**

​Order Details

Attach Gerber Data

Board Attributes

Build to Specification
Specification Class
Soldermask Sides
Soldermask Color
Silkscreen Sides
Silkscreen Color
Routed Features
Scored Features

Added Attributes

Non-Conductive Via Fill
Non-Conductive Via Fill Plated Over
Conductive Via Fill
Blind Vias (attach drawing)
Buried Vias (attach drawing)
Edge Plating (attach drawing)
Impedance Controlled
Gold Tabs
Carbon Ink

Required Quality Articles

Certificate of Compliance
Certificate of Origin
Cleanliness Certification
First Article
Electrical Test Certification
Cross Section
Solder Sample
Material Certification
AS9102 Report

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